The reality is, most churches only use their building for two hours, one day a week.  We don't believe that's being a good steward of God's resources.

We're wanting to build a community center that is FOR our community.  A community center for moms to bring preschoolers to play in the indoor tubes while connecting over a cup of coffee.  A place  where teenagers can be mentored after school.  A place where nobody is perfect, everyone is welcome and anything is possible. (And free wi-fi!!!)


WHAT are we doing?

FOR CLARKSVILLE is to change the way people not in church view church by
creating events, offering invitations and practicing generosity.



FOR CLARKSVILLE is a more intentional direction.  Our Sunday morning goal has been to change the way people view God and the church.  Before FOR CLARKSVILLE that could only happen if they attended a Sunday service or watched online.  With FOR CLARKSVILLE, we can change the way people not in church view church without ever attending a Sunday service.  FOR CLARKSVILLE is all about mobilizing our church to get out of their seats and serve on the streets of our community.  It’s all about loving our community well.  Jesus calls us to make a practical difference in people’s lives and serve the poor.  Our community sees these events as a good thing to do—people wanting to make a difference.  These events give us a chance to find common ground and gain influence with our communities and leaders.