WHY are we doing this?

For the past 10 years, oneChurch.tv has focused on creating a church unchurched people love to attend. We will continue in that mission, but the goal FOR CLARKSVILLE is to expand that message outside church walls and into our community. We will show people that God is FOR them by how well we SERVE them.


We want to add incredible value to our county where we call home. People might not believe what we believe, but our hope is that they will see we believe in them and our community. It’s why we’re FOR CLARKSVILLE.


In the past 10 Years, oneChurch.tv has...

  • Welcomed over 10,900 through our doors
  • Seen 1,289 people begin a relationship with God
  • Baptized 674 people
  • Purchased land by off of Exit-1 on I-24